fiction, 65min, D: Norbert Pfaffenbichler link

One-hundred years lie between Chaplin’s first feature-length film and Pfaffenbichler’s very loose interpretation of it. The Kid, filmed in 1920, is a story from the realm of the “lumpenproletariat”, a tragi-comic moral tale of an abandoned child and police brutality. 2551.01 is all of that, too—and is, after all, at a distance of 100 years and all kinds of breaks in cinematic history and countless wars from Chaplin’s bittersweet patchwork comedy.


fiction, 90min, D: Tom Marschall & Anna Mendelssohn facebook link

„Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel“, Martha and Alex should have taken Jim Morrison’s advice to heart, but on their car ride through an idyllic landscape they are primarily occupied with themselves. Only when real life comes crashing into their small self-involved world in the shape of a little dog and its grim owner, do things get set in motion – more than they could have asked for. A devious road movie full of hefty surprises.



fiction, 45min, D: Bady Minck  link link link vimeo

Through the eyes of cosmic cartographers, MappaMundi takes its viewer on an accelerated voyage through 950 million years of Earth development, 150.000 years of human migration and 15.000 years of human cartography. The film visualises the continuous change of our world, a change that is unnoticeable for a human being in a single lifetime. Its a film about the image of the world that we have been sketching repeatedly anew for thousands of years. With over hundred world maps from the past 15.000 years, the development of our view of the world from its beginnings to this day is analysed and illustrated in its diversity.

mappa mundi 2


A 2015 | 30 min | D: Annja Krautgasser. link

“I wander around with no place to go, for no good reason”, says the voice in Annja Krautgasser’s tightly structured experimental piece. A young woman roams aimlessly through a cold, wet forest, surveying the light, shadows and darkness, walking imaginary dogs, searching for she knows not what. Again and again Martin Putz’ camera captures still-lifes – treetops concealed behind a thick curtain of rain – before finally pressing onwards with the protagonist into the inhospitable, strangely unreal setting. The character penetrates ever deeper into a labyrinth, following differing threads that become entangled or lead her and the viewer astray.



A 2016 | 12 min |  D: Michaela Schwentner  link

PERSONNE is a miniature film on visual experiences of performers and the audience. This one-take film about looking, watching, and observing is staged as an intimate play. A small number of actions are frozen in long, tableau-like shots. The narrative structure consists of vague moments which suspend and question the boundaries of reality and illusion.

personne website Kopie


fiction, 30min, D: Dániel Béres  link  link

After making a controversial decision during a Football match, a Referee travels to Madrid, Spain on Holiday. While trying to come to terms with what has happened, he gets lost among the labyrinth-like underground corridors of the Prado Museum and finds himself inside the world of Diego Velazquez’ famous painting Las Meninas. Will he also find a solution to his dilemma?

las meninas


fiction, 85min, D: Kurt Palm  link  link  vimeo

Fünf völlig unterschiedliche Studenten teilen sich die Liebe zu Gras, Alkohol, die Verehrung für Franz Kafka und eine reichlich versiffte Wohnung. Was die perfekte Ausgangsbasis für einen Horrorfilm sein könnte, wird bei Kurt Palms neuestem Kinofilm zu einem kaleidoskopisch bunten Roadmovie, zur bösen Satire auf die österreichische Filmwirtschaft – und zu einer absurd-realitätsnahen Komödie über den Sinn des Lebens.



fiction, 12min, D: Virgil Widrich  link  vimeo

The story of a man who works in a copy shop and copies himself until he fills the whole world.

The film Copy Shop actually consists of nearly 18.000 photocopied digital frames, which are animated and filmed with a 35mm camera.

Copy Shop 2K Master uncompressed


fiction, 88min, D: Virgil Widrich  info  vimeo

An Italian named Paolo loses his job at a junkyard. At the same time the Viennese ex-contractor Melles and his ambitious Rumanian driver Knarek rob a bank. Melles discovers that Knarek has smuggled his fiancée Julie over the border in the trunk of his car and tosses her out on the street. Julie meets Paolo who then gives her a ride to Vienna.

The two Lower-Austrian detectives Fischer and Gudrawzcuk begin their search for the bank robbers. Fischer is young and inexperienced, Gudrawczuk is old and knowing – his most bizarre way of investigation troubles his young partner…

When Paolo and Julie pass another bank, Julie tries to pull a robbery but winds up fainting. Paolo takes Julie to his apartment, but she isn’t interested in Paolo. What has captured her interest are Austrian banks, which she says shine »brighter than the moon«.



fiction, 45min, D: Berhard Weber  facebook movie

Hinter dem Film-Projekt REGRETS OF THE PAST steckt ein Team aus Österreichischen Filmemachern, die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt haben, einen hochwertigen Star Wars Fanfilm „made in Austria“ zu kreieren.

Die Geschichte, die erzählt wird, setzt nach den Ereignissen rund um die Entstehung des neugegründeten Imperiums (Episode III) ein und beschäftigt sich mit dem Schicksal zweier sich auf der Flucht befindlichen Jedi Ritter.